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But you need to know how to tell your story in a way that transforms these experiences into law school qualifications. EssayEdge editors know how to do that. In developmental psychology, the critical period is a maturational stage when the nervous system is extremely sensitive to environmental stimuli ; , and thus ripe for development.

Extrapolating on this concept, there have been several key periods in my life when my environment led me to develop unique characteristics and abilities, growing into who I am as a person. The first critical period occurred during my years in China. As a child growing up in Korea, I did not know how to read or write Chinese , but where I then moved to China when my father was studying for his PhD at Peking University.

As a child growing up in Korea, I did not know how to read or write Chinese, At first, and was initially I was overwhelmed by the language barrier , and only understood hand gestures. At school, when other Chinese kids told stories in class, I verbally memorized them to re-tell the stories verbatim at home.

As time went on, I began to grasp the basic structure, and ultimately learned to speak Chinese fluently. Among my classmates from other countries, few were able to learn Chinese as well as I did. Overcoming the language barrier required courage and hard work and ,and this critical period allowed me to harvest ed the my ability to succeed.

At 7Sage, you get the best of both worlds. Our consultants have won national awards for their magazine writing and fiction, sold works of literature to major New York publishers, and taught writing at colleges all over the country.

Sign up with us for editing from actual editors and advice from admissions experts. Our most popular package, Comprehensive Consulting , entails one-on-one guidance for every stage of the admissions process. In the past, our consulting clients have gotten into every T school, won full rides to T-5 schools, and received personalized notes from deans praising their essays.

I am officially committed to [a T2 school]! I could say this is a dream come true, but honestly I never even dreamed that I would be able to go here. I also wanted to thank you for making me a better writer.

I just want to say thank you again for everything. This process has gone better than I could have hoped for, and I am absolutely over the moon about attending Harvard Law. Thank you so much for not only helping me with my apps but being a constant sounding board and source of good advice. You truly brought out the best writer in me, and your guidance helped me get into a school that was a far-fetched dream. I will be tapping you again for your services in the next year or two.

This is excellent and far exceeds my expectations. Thank you for your patience and fidelity…Also, on a personal note, I have thoroughly enjoyed this process. Thank you for your editorial letters!!!

Although I thought my essay was finished, I felt as though something was missing, and you pointed out exactly what it was. Thanks so much for your help. I am definitely going to endorse and recommend you to my friends. Three, Two, One, Gong! However, I almost did not hear any applause at the trade opening ceremony. It was all because of the huge That day was May 9th, , another crash came into the casino-like Uruguayan stock markets.

The crash reminded me of my own investing experience five years ago, in a cold October, my first stock plunged likely from USD31 to USD23 in three trading days, which made all my former profits suddenly gone away and I was instantaneously suffering from huge loss. In the following months, I did short term trades and altered my holdings frequently — I did make some correct decision, which made me feel I was a genius, but for most of the other times, I was terribly wrong.

Two months past and it turned out my effort did not work out — I was actually losing more. Tired, vexed and depressed, upon the coming Christmas, I cleared all my holdings to prevent further losses. But I knew I was not a guy resigned to lose.

After Christmas I started to read investment books. I read Buffett, Peter Lynch as well as Graham, hoping to find a universal truth in investments from their works. Many of their theories and techniques are very impressive, but it is the book The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham that gave me the core inspiration, and the most inspiring word to me was probability. The word dawned on me — there is no perfect operation on stock market — no one can always buy at the low and sell at the high.

Investment was all about the likelihood. The motive of go perfect is out of my greed and fear. I suddenly understood investment was not only dealing with the market but also myself. I have to control my emotions to think rationally and make timely response.

In the long run, I can gain profits from the circumstances that I am probably sure about where the market is going. For other times, run, wait and most importantly, use the time to learn something new. Learning more can help me to upgrade my strategies and grasp next opportunity, which will ultimately benefit me in deciphering the market.

The Intelligent Investor taught me to grow out of my comfort zone, keep learning new knowledge and wait for the opportunity to strike, which mirrors my wish to apply for a prestigious US law school. I was the kind of person who wanted all my pencils the same length and all my waste paper put through the shredder: A newly hired paralegal at Baker Mckenzie, I was also a novice in financial markets.

By buying at cyclical lows and selling at cyclical highs, I expected perfect results. My first quarter only exacerbated my naivety: I managed an eighteen percent gain, which I attributed wholly to my skill. Then the market tanked. In October of , in a span of just three days, my portfolio lost twenty-five percent of its value.

The bitter loss left me sleepless and without appetite. I staggered around in a haze, purple bags under my eyes. It was hard not to take it personally. I decided to reeducate myself. I read Buffett, Peter Lynch, and many other big names, hoping to find a universal answer, a foolproof trading strategy.

There is no perfect method. To be a competent investor, I had to regulate my emotions and bet on the percentages instead of chasing huge gains. The optimal strategy was to let go of my perfectionism. I started investing not only in the market but in myself.

I continued to read extensively, do internships, and take classes related to the market. Above all, I practiced being calm. I tried to take every gain and loss in stride.

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Your law school personal statement is important. EssayEdge editors can help you apply with a powerful application essay that argues your future in law.

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Your personal consultant will polish your law school essays to make them clear and enjoyable to read. Submit compelling essays. Personal Statement editing. Your consultant checks your personal statement for clarity, grammar, style, spelling, and word usage. Packages must be entirely used in one application year. Completion of packages.

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Sending your law school admissions essay or any other type of essay without a profound editing is a huge mistake. Avoid relying too much on online spell checkers. Instead, trust your draft to professionals. By reading the sample law school essays provided below, you should get a clear idea of how to translate your qualifications, passions, and individual experiences into words. You will see that the samples here employ a creative voice, use detailed examples, and draw the reader in .

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