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College Admission: Will the Summer Program Help You?

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❶He is a graduate of The American School in Switzerland. College Advice I Ever Got.

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From financial aid to career services, they took that walk with me. Meet Bradley I was working full-time with six kids at home so I had to find something I could work into what was going on. I need the job; I need schooling; I need to take care of the family—and I found Rasmussen was very flexible.

Meet Jordan I received lower tuition so my degree is more affordable. It works well with my budget and is great for someone like me who is going to school and working full-time. Meet Keli It was really a seamless transition and a very generous transfer policy. So, I have one waiting for me, just to finish. Program Page Methodology and Disclosures Time to Complete Time to complete is dependent on accepted transfer credits and courses completed each quarter.

Industry Certification Exams Rasmussen College will reimburse the application fee for each first attempt of all of the industry certification exams for which you qualify to take. Ask us a question about the admissions process: Ask us a question about the financial aid process: Ask us a question about your program of interest: Ask us a question about Rasmussen College: Learn more about the degrees we offer that match up with your career results.

How may we contact you? Please complete all fields. What would you like to study? The program you have selected is not available in your area. In , Time magazine offered a startling notion to frazzled parents and anxious students worried about their college admissions packages: In fact, essays can be decisive when it comes to students whom admissions counselors are on the fence about.

And a poorly constructed essay, or one marred by punctuation and grammatical errors, can sour even a great application. This is an outdated way of approaching college admissions. Students were expected to engage in sports, cooking clubs, debate and, of course, community service that sounded more meaningful than it really was.

But about a decade ago, schools changed their focus from well-rounded students to those with hyper-developed interest in one or two subjects, which became apparent to me in the way admissions counselors answered my questions about extracurricular activities.

Nowadays, schools look for both kinds of students as they attempt, each year, to create an interesting, diverse, high-performing freshman class. That may include an applicant extremely passionate about the viola and another who plays every sport and is a member of a dozen clubs. The best way to impress admissions counselors, as always, is to authentically pursue what interests you. There are eight schools in the Ivy League: The least choosy among the Ivies, Cornell, took 14 percent of applicants for the Class of ; the most choosy, Harvard, took just 5.

The most important thing to think about for a student and for a family is if the program you are looking at on a college campus feeds the passions and helps a student explore what those passions are. The admissions office on a campus is separate from the summer-program office.

The myth out there is that if you attend a particular summer program at a school, then you have a leg up for the admission to that institution.

My own kids worked jobs [over the summer]. My son worked in a restaurant and my daughter mucked stalls at a stable. There are counseling positions at different camps. All of these feed into how students figure out who they are and what their strengths are. There are tons of community-service opportunities: A lot of people feel that they have to go to Fiji to do something, or to some undeveloped country for a week. Work for your town and keep it local.

We understand that there are certain pressures. What is demonstrated interest? Demonstrated interest is a hot-button issue.

Some colleges will track the number of times you open the emails they send you and turn it into how interested you are in attending their school. My question for the dean is: How much does demonstrated interest really matter?

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