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❶Each paragraph should be limited to the discussion of one general idea. Human activity destroy wildlife habitats


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There is a problem that high school students drop out of school. How to help them? What are the reasons for alcohol or drugs addiction? The problem of homelessness has become one of the vital worldwide? What are the causes of homelessness? Should college graduators receive a better salary? What can you do to make this end come true? The prisoners can be rehabilitated Sex trafficking of young girls and women.

How to prevent this? Who is most responsible for breaking up relationships: How does the lack of sleep affect them and how they can get enough sleep? Why has the tattoo become increasingly popular? Convince someone in the necessity to vote. Why it is important? How to give up a bad habit? Should students find a part-time job? Should they limit their hours of working? Is living in a college hostel helpful or harmful?

Is it not a problem if people get married being in college? How can a student pay college expenses? Creationism should be taught at schools How can we convince people to drive more securely? The ancient custom has the force of law The family is more sacred than the State Laws must have the same meaning to all people Agreement prevents conflicts Extreme sports are dangerous.

Should they be banned? People should get out of their cars and try to use public transport more. What are the ways in which technology is changing our lives and what can we expect in future? Is it good to have an open campus high school? What events in world history produced the effect of threads? Any civil war brings only destruction There is still a continuing effect of slavery in American society Why are some women against feminism? The Great Patriotic War had a certain impact on the Jewish people Christianity caused a certain effect on the Roman Empire?

The Arab Spring and its consequences will never be forgotten What is the impact of British colonialism on its colonies? Are the consequences of colonialism still noticed? From the British point of view, what were the causes of the American Revolution? Drug war in Colombia is a good example of solving drug dealing problems Illegal immigration is a typical phenomenon even now What is the impact of immigration? The effect of the Internet and online sales companies is noticed worldwide The future of the printing press is rather sad How does globalization influence women worldwide?

What caused the destruction of the World Trade Center on September, 11? After graduating, some students begin to look for a job instead of entering the university. Governments of some countries support industries to move outside big cities. What are some of the main factors that have contributed to the problem of housing and accommodation in many countries around the world?

What are the possible ways to cope with the problem of homeless people? Nowadays, more and more rubbish is produced. What are the reasons for this and what can be done to reduce this amount? The advantages of cell phones are obvious. But what are the problems and how to solve these problems? Why do in many countries older people face the problem of disrespect.

What are the reasons for this? The cosmetics industry in many countries suffer from the ban on testing Why has crime appeared among the main subjects of the news programs? Hi-tech is an integral part of our life Some parents prefer to give their children home education Student at separate-sex schools show better results Human activity is the main reason of the greenhouse gases Developing countries are trying to become industrialized ones The amount of cars is increasing so greatly Temperature changes are noticed worldwide Weather conditions can become worse and worse Natural disaster may become a common phenomenon The increase of world population has negative effects on natural resources Natural resources are running out very rapidly Human activity destroy wildlife habitats The size of waste produced by our industries has increased greatly People do not care about household waste recycling The thread of terrorists worries many people


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Writing a persuasive essay is very much like writing an ordinary paper. Of course, before you begin, you have to come up with a good solid view, a foundation which you can base your entire paper on.

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