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Information You Can Trust Students, this is the place to get information and help with a wide variety of topics. One especially helpful section is the science fair project page. HippoCampus High School students can find high-quality, multimedia content on general education subjects free of charge. Fact Monster Get homework help and find facts on thousands of subjects, including sports, entertainment, geography, history, biography, education, and health. Science Fairs Step-by-step instructions for completing a science fair project.

HippoCampus - Biology High School students can find high-quality, multimedia Biology content free of charge. HippoCampus - Physics High School students can find high-quality, multimedia Physics content free of charge. Chem4Kids The perfect homework help site for any young student who is just being introduced to chemistry, or students who need to brush up on their chemistry knowledge.

A Cool Periodic Table of Elements Hyperlinked information about each element and downloadable, printable versions. Biology4Kids This web site teaches the basics of biology: Math Get answers to your math questions from experts -- volunteer Math Doctors.

Brightstorm Math Over 2, videos on every math topic from Algebra through Calculus. A Maths Dictionary for Kids A visual, interactive collection of mathematical terms for younger students. HippoCampus - Math High School students can find high-quality, multimedia Math content free of charge. There are also more advanced ideas like fractions, decimals, and percentages. Cool Math 4 Kids This colorful Math web site has lessons, practice activities and games.

Wordsmyth Wordsmyth is a useful language reference source that meshes the functions of a dictionary and a thesaurus with powerful and flexible search capabilities. Try the Story Starter for nearly ,, ideas to get that pencil going. WriteExpress Rhyming Dictionary Enter a word, select a rhyming type option and use the "Rhyme" button to help you with your poetry and songwriting.

Project Gutenberg Looking for a particular text? Try searching the archives at Project Gutenberg or public-domain publications. HippoCampus - History and Government High School students can find high-quality, multimedia American Government content free of charge.

Fight brain drain or give the kids a break? Math education became a series of skills served up in bits and pieces but never as part of a unified, mathematical whole. Notably, we failed to give American children math sense, a natural and instinctive dexterity with numbers. I was one of those children, despite having been educated in the top-ranked public school district in Massachusetts Dover-Sherborn Regional High School.

What I got instead was a raging case of math anxiety and the belief that I am not a math person. I had not failed at math; my math education had failed me. Felix learned how to memorize, while her daughter is learning something much more valuable and useful: When the average teacher has about separate math concepts or skills to teach in a given year, the connections between each piece disappear.

Teachers that are empowered with this research are doing amazing things. We are in a time of great revolution and excitement, moving away from rote memorization and toward an understanding of process. Is it good enough to say that.

Asking this question requires that students pay attention to units and attend to precision both numerically and linguistically.

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The Best Homework Help Online. No one likes doing homework, not a single living soul. Homework is boring, tedious, time-consuming, and, what’s even worse, it’s mostly pointless.

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A GUIDE TO HOMEWORK HELP A GUIDE TO HOMEWORK HELP A GUIDE TO HOMEWORK HELP Here's a handful of articles offering expert advice to make homework less of a hassle. Article. Good Homework Habits Article. 5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone as a Learning Tool Sign Up .

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Utah's Online Library Utah's Online Library is the perfect place to get help with your research projects and homework assignments. Utah students, ask your . Math Homework Help Engage New York (ENY) Homework provides additional practice for math that is learned in class. This site is intended to help guide students/parents through assigned homework.

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